Here Comes the Rain Again… and I Feel Fine

We listened to the wind drive rain against the windows most of last night. I’m happy to say it was running down the outside of the windows, which you might assume would be the case, but is something we haven’t taken for granted lately.

The move went reasonably well, all things considered.

Four guys from B Moved packed and shifted all our stuff down six flights of stairs (’cause of course the lift in the old building was still out of service) into two vans. It took a couple hours longer than anticipated, and I imagine those guys got more of a leg workout than they bargained for, but to their credit they were jovial to the very end.

I, on the other hand, was exhausted and grumpy just watching them.

They finished packing around noon, and started loading before taking a break for lunch. By 7pm the guys had all the boxes in the new flat (thanks to a working lift), had reassembled the sofa and our bed, and bid us farewell.

We walked to Seoul 90 for some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken, get it?) where our old neighbors totally coincidentally happened to wander in for a drink. We walked together back to the old flat, gathered the cats and the last of our belongings and accepted their generous offer of a lift to the new flat.

We setup the cat essentials, found the box with the bed linens (hiding in the hallway bathroom, well spotted Dawnise) and sluiced off the days grime before falling into bed.

Thursday and Friday were a marathon of unpacking and figuring out how to fit into the new space. Dawnise did a fantastic job getting the kitchen into shape. We got her sewing room and the office-slash-guest-room “setup-ish.” I even took a few work meetings in there, ’cause I didn’t have enough going on.

We spent some time last night dining table shopping – said thing being the only major bit of furniture we chose not negotiate to take from the previous flat – and found a rug we like to go under it.

This morning Dawnise made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, with sourdough biscuits some friends gave us as a housewarming gift.

After breakfast I made a “final” visit to the old flat – where the rain last night was clearly evident inside. I sent pictures of each room, and final electric and gas meter readings to the property manager, and tomorrow Dawnise will drop the keys off at the letting agents office and we’ll be done and done.

Until I let my irritation and sense of fair play get the better of me and hire a solicitor.

I’m not one to pick fights.  

On the other hand, I’m really not fond of being taken advantage of.

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