Hey (old guys)! Does this still work?

After a brief (ok, six years) hiatus, I’ve resurrected my blog. As was the case in the long-long ago when I first set it up, I can’t promise I’ll say anything even remotely noteworthy.

The primary catalyst was wanting a place to archive a series of updates I’ve been sending over the past several months about our experience moving to and living in London – which you can find categorized under “London Calling.”

I also have the old Movable Type database, containing all my ramblings between 2004 and 2013. I’m manually migrating selected entries forward, categorized as “Selected Back Issues.”

Finally, before quitting Facebook in 2018 I downloaded all my data. If and as I find things worth preserving, they’ll be categorized as “Facebook Reprints.”

Happy reading.

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