That was never five minutes just now…

It’s difficult to believe that a year ago today Dawnise and I landed at Heathrow, bags in tow, cats in pursuit, to take up residence in the UK. Clearly neither of us could have possibly imagined the year ahead.

A year ago we were busy getting ourselves and our bags to our temporary accommodation, picking up our residence permits, looking for pet supplies, meeting up with friends, and generally starting to get to know our new neighborhood and city.

Today we spent the day – as we’ve spent the vast majority of the past three months – in our apartment. We made and ate breakfast and played a game.

This afternoon, in a break from the normal, we were joined by friends for a visit on our deck, and shared Afternoon Tea with them, delivered by the Firmdale Hotel.

This evening, as I type, we’re sitting on the sofa – watching St. Paul’s out the window and a live stream of the Stonehenge solstice sunset, compliments of English Heritage.

As England relaxes it’s COVID alert level and continues to relax restrictions, I’m looking forward to eventually being able to get a haircut. I have more hair than I’ve had since the 80’s, despite Dawnise’s timely suggestion that I get a haircut on what turned out to be the day before hair dressers closed.

Beyond that, one day I even hope to be able to meet friends in a pub, and Dawnise is eyeing an eventual return to the west end.