Locked out of the graveyard

I was late leaving work the other day, and the graveyard gates were locked when I arrived.
We don’t live in a graveyard, of course.  That’s ridiculous. I walk through one on my route to work.

The Bunhill Fields Burial Ground [1] – last resting place of, well, a bunch of people, including Defoe and Blake, and a bunch of Cromwells – but not that Cromwell.

The stone path through is worn and uneven – collecting deep and barely avoidable puddles in the rain – and the iron fence edging the path has been built around tree roots and trunks.
The headstones visible from the path are hundreds of years old.

People sit on the benches taking their coffee or tea in the morning, squirrels scamper amongst the headstones and up the tree trunks.

In the morning commuters rushing to work dodge around people out for a stroll. On nice evenings crowds gather at the pub at the far end.

Occasionally the caretaker is seen about, doing whatever one does to care for a field of grave markers.

Even in the wet, dodging puddles underfoot and fat drops from the trees above, it’s become the favorite bit of my commute.

Anyway, they lock the graveyard gates at dusk – so as the days get shorter, I’ll have to find a different route home.

I’ll let you know what I find.

[1] https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/things-to-do/green-spaces/city-gardens/Documents/bunhill-leaflet-map.pdf

Three months in, and all’s well

Three months ago today Dawnise and I landed in the UK, made our way to our temporary accommodation, and alternated between being jet lagged and worrying about the still-in-transit cats.

In the last three months we’ve: gone to a wedding in Barcelona, found a flat, moved in, found our local pub, hosted a birthday party for a friend, won an actual UK pub quiz, had a couple BBQs in the London summer, met out-of-town friends for afternoon tea, had our first overnight house guest, taken the tube a bunch, gone to the theater (Dawnise more than me), gotten a new passport (Dawnise more than me), gone back to Seattle (me more than Dawnise), gotten haircuts (if you’ve never tried it in another country, that may seem trivial – it’s not), met our new neighbors, and in two days time we’re hosting the first annual UK version of the ice cream social.

It seems like forever and only yesterday – all at once.

The summer days are getting shorter, and the morning temperatures are getting cool and crisp. Soon it’ll turn into a fall and winter just as cold, dark and wet as in Seattle. I think it’s safe to say we’re both looking forward to it.

Hope this finds you well.

… Dan, Dawnise, & the Cats