When the Devil Drives

Not too much to report from London. We’re still healthy and safe, and increasingly grateful to have access to the outdoors.

I think it’s fair to say that life is slowly settling into some semblance of a “new normal,” and the UK government is starting to more clearly communicate that this won’t likely be over anytime soon.

After a couple weeks camping out at the stair rail, my computer perched on a stack of books, I bought a small standing desk, and spent the last few days working in the master bedroom. At Dawnise’s suggestion we’ve taken down the guest bed and turned the spare bedroom into a work space. I’m resisting populating it with new furniture, as I look forward to converting it back and welcoming back visitors in the late summer, or fall.

In the past week I’ve added a dozen links to my growing list of worthy articles. Some I’ve stumbled upon, some I’ve been pointed at by one of the feeds I follow, and some I’ve been sent by friends and colleagues.  

I’m particularly interested in writing that explains the science of the disease, offers insight into the systemic failures of preparation and imagination that led to nearly all western governments being caught flat-footed, and that explores the potential medium and long term impacts of this moment in history.

If you have articles you think I should read, please send them my way.

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