[tap, tap] ‘s this thing on?

I had a strange experience the other day – I finally “got” LiveJournal. I had always thought of LiveJournal (and blogging in general) as the most egregious example of sharing your proverbial vacation photos with an uninterested world.

A year or so back, Titus tried to explain the value of LJ to me: how he and his classmates at Mudd had been inseparably close until graduation and then scattered to the wind, and that using LJ was a tool to keep in touch, after a fashion.

Time passes, and in the middle of October, Dawnise and I move to Seattle. The other day, I wanted to feel connected to friends in Southern California. And blogging made sense.

I tried signing up for Live Journal – and their registration insisted that all my proposed passwords were based on reversed dictionary words (which they aren’t – not even remotely) and I gave up after three attempts. Instead, I grabbed Movable Type and installed it on the webserver that hosts my domain. I’m not sure how often I’ll post here, but for whatever it’s worth, I have a blog…

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